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Cover story

One for you, one for me Cover story

One for you, one for me

We keep our favorite Bible verses by giving them away

Verses that made a difference Cover story

Verses that made a difference

Readers share favorite Bible passages


'God gap' Features

'God gap'

Robert D. Putnam says it's narrowing and may give the ELCA an opportunity to grow

Accompaniment means love Features

Accompaniment means love

Old friends pray for a garden, for Namibia and for the ELCA

Bullying the pastor Features

Bullying the pastor

Incivility is on the rise — in congregations too

Faith flows over the airwaves Features

Faith flows over the airwaves

In Northern India, Lutherans broadcast God's love

Good begets good Features

Good begets good

Even when we struggle with our circumstances we can still serve others

Moving forward Features

Moving forward

Congregations split, thrive following 2009 Churchwide Assembly action

Set for launch Features

Set for launch

Parenting is a bittersweet, humbling experience

Up, back and ahead Features

Up, back and ahead

Trust God will provide direction all along your way

Pass the faith

Greening of the spirit Conservation

Greening of the spirit

Earth-friendly practices can help family stewardship

My daughter won't sing in church Now what?

My daughter won't sing in church

How can I encourage her?

Two months out

Lent: Build faith Two months out

Lent: Build faith

Use these weekly readings for family discussion

Good one!

Open Arms Good one!

Open Arms

Pennsylvania congregation helps seniors connect


Gotta keep reading Faces

Gotta keep reading

Reading specialist's students dance and sing to promote literacy


'God's Party By the Sea' Youngchurch

'God's Party By the Sea'

Youth from Georgia and Colorado bring "best camp ever" to Haiti

Web exclusives

College trip to Lesotho changes lives Web exclusive

College trip to Lesotho changes lives

22-year-old starts nonprofit

Confirmation then and now The way we were: 1980

Confirmation then and now

Minnesota congregation now posts students' lessons on the Web


A Lutheran Christian life for today:

Praise in an awe-deficient world

Presiding bishop:

Great expectations



'God Box' turns 50

10,000 years

Anglican property battles

Barth, former LWR head, dies

Broadening 'blood diamond'

Building in student's memory

Church council proposals include moving to triennial assemblies

ELCA annuity plan members sue BOP

Following the new year

For the record: 666 congregations take first vote to leave ELCA

Hate groups list expanded

Hospital visit rule changed

Lutheran saves life

No Lutheran islands

No more 'crusades'

Not 'just another church leaving the ELCA'

One baby, two congregations

Plea for a swamp

Quote: John Paul Stevens

Quote: Rick Warren

Quote: V. Gene Robinson

Soup's on

Space for neighbors

Support for gays in the military?

Top religion stories of the year

Unemployed in Britain

View of marriage shifts

World's largest Christ statue

Your typical atheist

Best this month: Grandad's Prayers of the Earth

Best this month: Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos in Confidence

Best this month: The King's Speech

Higher education: Augustana College's nursing students achieve 100%, Gettysburg College establishes Middle East and Islamic Studies program and more…

Letters: Proud of ELCA and tired of criticism
Tenor of letters, articles keep readers writing about church, magazine

Light Side: Saying Grace

E-newsletter: A follower of Martin Luther King Jr.

E-newsletter: Call of the wise

E-newsletter: Jesus was on our side
You're going to make it

E-newsletter: Post-Christmas courage
Kaj Munk is one of the 'great host of witnesses' that can inspire us

E-newsletter: Power against the idols of our age

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