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Cover story

'Camp changed my life' Cover story

'Camp changed my life'

Gather around the campfire for some good old memories

A place apart Cover story

A place apart

Camps keep the faith while keeping up with the times

Camp trivia to dazzle your friends Cover story

Camp trivia to dazzle your friends

The highest camp, the oldest camp, Great Lake camps and more ...

Hagan Hags respond, reunite Cover story

Hagan Hags respond, reunite

Camp Hagen women celebrate 70 years

Hymn for [Church Camp] Cover story

Hymn for [Church Camp]

Created for Fortune Lake, this song can be adapted for your church camp

Your camping stories Cover story

Your camping stories

Tales of faith, love and vocation



'So stinking happy'

That's a feeling shared by ELCA campers and Nicaraguan Lutherans

A dance of popularity Features

A dance of popularity

"JK Wedding Entrance Dance" video continues to make waves

Campfire and high-tech? Features

Campfire and high-tech?

Mission congregation offers both

Discouraged by injustice? Features

Discouraged by injustice?

Think of John and Jesus

Living daily, with gratitude Features

Living daily, with gratitude

Parkinson's disease and me

Sanctuary in the firs Features

Sanctuary in the firs

Oregon congregation tends land on which it was planted

The 'write way' to discernment Features

The 'write way' to discernment

Make journaling part of your spiritual and emotional care routine

Pass the faith

Now what? Connecting to church in the summer Pass the faith

Now what? Connecting to church in the summer

Teen daughter spends summer months with her father, who doesn't attend church

Sexuality and spirituality Pass the faith

Sexuality and spirituality

Making connections between bodies & faith


It's never too late Faces

It's never too late

At age 75, Delores McKay serves two calls in Mt. Vernon, N.Y.


Something to crow about

Animal therapy results in prize-winning project


Encore Youngchurch


Art camps keep kids coming back for more

Web exclusives

The way we were: Early 1960s Web exclusive

The way we were: Early 1960s

Ethicist George Forell lectures to a packed auditorium




A time to laugh

An apple a day

Bundles for Ben's birthday

Church bells constitutional

Church Council revises ministry policies

Church, state disagree

ELCA help for China

ELCA responds to Augsburg Fortress lawsuit

Eye black messages banned

Free will?

Freedom of info

Going green, together

Going without & reaching out

Got books?

Leadership change at Wartburg Seminary

Methodists & malaria

Mississippi tornado

New starts for the ELCA

Polish bishops killed

Presidential faith

Quote: James Scahill

Quote: Monica Eckerdal Kjellstrom

Rollin' over the river

Sharing peace in small world

Still jazzed about gathering

Swedes mark 50 years

Take one pillowcase ...

UMC budget struggle

Best this month: Bible Bable: Making Sense of the Most Talked About Book of All Time
Book explores how the Bible has influenced social issues and popular culture

Best this month: Lord, Save Us from Your Followers

Best this month: Whose Shoes?
Book explores vocation for readers age 4 to 7

Higher education: Green is the watchword at Gustavus Adolphus College

Letters: The time for real self-examination
Don't waste chance to assure ELCA is positioned for mission

Light Side: Bearing the body
Polar bears at a funeral?

Synod assemblies: Assemblies discuss pensions, sexuality decisions

E-newsletter: 'I believe in God'

E-newsletter: Justice amid the anger

E-newsletter: Memories of a mom's first church camp experience

E-newsletter: The fourth expression

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