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Cover story

Hospitality: It takes guts Cover story

Hospitality: It takes guts

Are we up to the challenge?

Cover story

Welcoming newcomers to the U.S.

Iowa congregation stands up for immigrants


Baseball, biking & buffalo Features

Baseball, biking & buffalo

These pastors know how to have fun and get things done

Dishin' for hunger Features

Dishin' for hunger

Here's an idea for June: Host a potluck!

Hope from the top of the hill Features

Hope from the top of the hill

In Tacoma, high-school students get a glimpse of tomorrow

Joining hands Features

Joining hands

Myanmar: New ways to do mission

Knowing the Bible by heart Features

Knowing the Bible by heart

Worship reveals the first language of faith

Rally in the Valley Features

Rally in the Valley

Seniors gather here to celebrate faith & friendship

Solomon's wisdom Features

Solomon's wisdom

A mother's musings on the beginning of knowledge

Watching youth bloom Features

Watching youth bloom

Rwandan Lutherans foster trauma recovery with a school

Pass the faith

Maturing in spirit Pass the faith

Maturing in spirit

Early adolescence a time of faith formation change

Now what? Son wants to quit confirmation Pass the faith

Now what? Son wants to quit confirmation


A life of play Faces

A life of play

Lutheran is expert on creating dioramas


Row, row, row your boat Youngchurch

Row, row, row your boat

Florida youth paddle their way to raise funds for Haiti


Presiding bishop:

The strangers among us



'God in the box'

A new kind of trading card

Anti-Christ talk

Card of the week

Daily work as ministry

Dana College to be sold to a for-profit company

Dealing with stress

Diocese calls itself 'sovereign'

Easter travel protest

Expanding during tough times

Facts & figures: Lutheran World Federation

Fussy about Easter

Japan: poverty & economy

L.A. gets gay bishop

Lutheran takes the lead

LWF leader dies

Malawi & sexuality

MN bishops call on state reps

News of grant welcomed

Pakistan killings

Pope meets Rome's Lutherans

Quebec targets veils

Quote: Glenn Beck

Quote: President Barack Obama

Quote: Retired Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Request to leave denied

Split in poll on poverty aid

Survey: College grads take dim viewof the Ten Commandments

Tense in Thailand

Tips for these hands

Wash. church is site of shooting

Wesley theft

Work-free Sundays sought

Best this month: A Faith of Your Own: Naming What You Really Believe
Author sees faith as a living and evolving set of relationships and ideas

Best this month: A Friend Like You
Book shows children that God loves diversity

Best this month: Hachi: A Dog's Tale
A moving tale about extraordinary devotion

Higher education: Carrying buckets of water at California Lutheran University and more...

Letters: Look to what is new, different
Focusing on divisions in the ELCA is counterproductive

Light Side: Do it again, Jesus

E-newsletter: Come, one and all

E-newsletter: Honor your father and mother

E-newsletter: What is Pentecost really about?

E-newsletter: What's meaningful to you?

E-newsletter: You taught me what to keep ...

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Embracing diversity