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Cover story

Approaching the global food crisis Cover story

Approaching the global food crisis

... with 'an enormous sense of hope'

Hunger facts Cover story

Hunger facts

World Bank forecasts next decade's food prices to be 25 percent higher

Strong support Cover story

Strong support

It's what Lutherans do


'No one person owns the ministry' Features

'No one person owns the ministry'

Lutherans in Peru 'get' youth ministry

Lost in translation Features

Lost in translation

Jealous? Not God

Our frigid spiritual temperature Features

Our frigid spiritual temperature

In the deep chill of 2010, hope for warmth calls for a simple gospel

Packing for your faith expedition Features

Packing for your faith expedition

Include humor, humility, flexibility & tolerance

Ramp it up Features

Ramp it up

In Tulsa, Okla., these are the go-to guys for an easier access

Taking a page from Book of Faith leaders  Features

Taking a page from Book of Faith leaders

Here's how they encourage the ELCA Bible initiative

Tending a tsunami of anxiety Features

Tending a tsunami of anxiety

A domino effect of anxiety moving around a group can create such intense stress that no one can be heard accurately.

Unfinished business Features

Unfinished business

What have you left unsaid to those who matter to you?

Wholesome bread Features

Wholesome bread

Arthur Simon tells of hunger advocacy growth

Pass the faith

Now what? Pass the faith

Now what?

Should my teens receive communion?

Sibling squabbles Pass the faith

Sibling squabbles

How can brothers and sisters become peacemakers?


Making the most of a meal Faces

Making the most of a meal

Eating healthy on $5 a day

Why bigger is better Faces

Why bigger is better

Dairy farmer leads in innovation


Fill it up Youngchurch

Fill it up

Lutheran school helps cover a dome floor with food




'Grace Matters' available

'Jesus Christ' called for jury duty

'Peace-full' resources

After Psalm, refraining

Be our guest

CD for Katrina survivors

Check the source

CORE to form new church body

Council cuts $7.7 million, churchwide staff

Doors open, close

Fire destroys church

From church to hospital

Gay bishop for L.A.

German court rules against Sunday shopping

Groups oppose sex ed

Hanson addresses town hall forum

Kenyan constitution

Kenyans decry Swedish move

Leaders seek prayers, support

Leaders with disabilities

License plate pulled

Living wills

Lohre to preside over NCC

Lutheran hymn writer dies

Lutheran-Episcopal sharing

Lutherans & climate

Lutherans remember police

Milwaukee bishop elected

Minaret ban

More female muftis

Norway moves on bishop

Phillipines killings

Religion-based hate crimes up

Share the ware

Shelter closing

Sneaker Sunday

Soccer suicide

Soldiers remembered

Spicy reward from wise kids

Sponsor a missionary

Toilet plunge!

Water for all

Year for migrants

Best this month: Invictus
Movie explores forgiveness, leadership and reconciliation

Best this month: Spirit of Service: Your Daily Stimulus for Making a Difference
Book offers daily suggestions for serving and giving

Best this month: The Mitten Tree
Children's book celebrates giving from the heart

Higher education: Saberi wins Award of Valor, Gettysburg honored as workplace, and more...

Letters: Short on substance, long on fluff
Magazine fails to deliver

Light Side: Smelly gifts
Four-year-olds suggest what the wise men might have brought

E-newsletter: A visit to Dorothy's house

E-newsletter: Greeting the new year less anxiously

E-newsletter: Reality check, not a reality show

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