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Cover story

Dismantling patriarchy Cover story

Dismantling patriarchy

One woman's journey

Dismantling patriarchy Cover story

Dismantling patriarchy

One man's journey

Stamped by patriarchy Cover story

Stamped by patriarchy

Patri-what? What is this and what does it do to women and men?


Casserole Club Features

Casserole Club

'The cheapest meal in town made with lots of church-lady love'

College & seminary crunch Features

College & seminary crunch

Mission and funding collide in these economic times

College musicians combine music & mission Features

College musicians combine music & mission

Facing despair Features

Facing despair

Don't do it alone  trust in Christ, turn to community

Grappling with autism Features

Grappling with autism

How grandparents take part in families' struggles

Leaders struggle to resolve campus ministry losses Features

Leaders struggle to resolve campus ministry losses

Decision to close the UWM ministry raised questions in the Greater Milwaukee synod.

Mission in reverse Features

Mission in reverse

In Arizona, pastors take 'humble approach that preserves Navajo culture'

Mission: Congregational renewal Features

Mission: Congregational renewal

Grand View gives back to Iowa parishes and leaders

Renounce the devil Features

Renounce the devil

We can't block evil-but pray, with Jesus, to be kept faithful

Set apart Features

Set apart

ELCA schools are in a class by themselves

Upholding dignity Features

Upholding dignity

In Cambodia, Lutheran organization turns management over to residents

When the world overwhelms Features

When the world overwhelms

Don't run with the turkeys, but walk with God

Pass the faith

Now what? Pass the faith

Now what?

Teens' Facebook posts risque

The spirituality of pregnancy Pass the faith

The spirituality of pregnancy

3 things to watch for during the transition to parenthood


A doll for Amina Faces

A doll for Amina

Refugee child's delight sparks toy drive

Helping vets heal Faces

Helping vets heal

Primer focuses on what congregations can do


Thankful giving Youngchurch

Thankful giving

Youth know the importance of helping others




'Greatness' for Advent

'Nones' are growing

1 in 4 are Muslim

10 painting pastors

A shrinking carbon footprint

Burmese baptized

Canadians to study sexuality

Care for veterans

Computers & cappuccinos

Conference of Bishops confronted with challenges

Congregation keeps property

CORE taking a discernment year

Disaster-relief ethics set

ELCA, LCMS continue to cooperate

ELCA: No on abortion funding

Ending caste bias

Filling a void

Floods in Senegal

Global Mission Events go local

Growing with contemporary

Help for Honduras

Here he stands

Hey Ascension, 'you're cool'

Homeless youth here too

Justice for women ... in Europe

Justification accord marked

Lutherans in the know

LWR: Peace in Sudan a priority

Missouri worship wars

Mojave cross in court

More female senior pastors

Phone for financial help

Religion in Russian schools

Remembering Berlin Wall

Saying it with animals

Singing for the saints

Slovakia's language law

Study: Clergy sexual abuse an ongoing problem

Sudan: Rising violence

U.S. abortion support declining

Worship lifts up reconciliation

Best this month: Big Bear Hug
Contemporary fable highlights the love of a hug

Best this month: How Coffee Saved My Life...
And Other Stories of Stumbling to Grace

Best this month: Ponyo
Film caputres the innocence and wonder of childhood

Higher education: Higher Education

Reflection: Knowing
And ... the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time ...' T.S. Eliot

E-newsletter: 'Could I do that?'

E-newsletter: A tower and a tank

E-newsletter: Freedom to fail

E-newsletter: Rushing God

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