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Christian Zionism Cover story

Christian Zionism

It challenges our Lutheran commitments

Free resources Cover story

Free resources

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How do we respond? Cover story

How do we respond?

Although we live in hope that Jesus will return, God calls us to live in the here-and-now

Key terms Cover story

Key terms

From "Apocalyptic" to "Zionism"


'I take thee, Zion ...' Features

'I take thee, Zion ...'

Like a finely tuned marriage, these congregations have survived the years many years

Balancing studies and sports Features

Balancing studies and sports

At Wartburg College, faculty mentors support student-athletes

Breaking bread together Features

Breaking bread together

Consider new and old Christian responses amid hunger

Following in Paul's urban footsteps Features

Following in Paul's urban footsteps

Paul knew how to get around in all the major metropolitian cities

Reflections on Paul at 2,000 Features

Reflections on Paul at 2,000

Celebration year yields ecumenical progress

Sweet change Features

Sweet change

Congregation grows by drawing Sunday evening toe-tappers

This is the church the people built Features

This is the church the people built

In Lisbon, Iowa, Seeds of Faith Lutheran is finally getting walls

Uganda: A horizon of hope Features

Uganda: A horizon of hope

Lutherans help displaced Ugandans to reclaim their communities

Under the canopy of grace Features

Under the canopy of grace

We call to God when we pray with the psalms

Yes, there will be snacks Features

Yes, there will be snacks

In Wausau, Wis., Senior Luther League hasn't changed much

Pass the faith

Attendance angst Pass the faith

Attendance angst

'I don't want to go to church'

Now what? There's a Sunday school bully Pass the faith

Now what? There's a Sunday school bully

A child in my son's class is disruptive and bullies other students. What can I do?


Mission in the heavens Faces

Mission in the heavens

Rocket scientist finds grounding in church

On the line Faces

On the line

Tennis umpires rule with fairness, integrity


Reaching out to Uganda Youngchurch

Reaching out to Uganda

Children from a Colorado congregation know what it means to reach out.

We challenge you ... Youngchurch

We challenge you ...

Wisconsin children collect 5,000 food items; Georgia confirmation classes stuff bears for patients

Web exclusives

The Way We Were: 1950s Web exclusive

The Way We Were: 1950s


Presiding bishop:

Seizing an opportunity



'De-baptism' forms a hit

'Faith in Flux' report: Why did they leave?

'Lost' painting gets museum home

'Nothing in particular'

'Standing on the word'

2 rooms for Settlement House

All 'a-twitter' about the Bible

Blue hearts beat

Catholic attendance down

Celebrating Scandanavian heritage

Columbine, 10 years later

Congregation is a winner

Dodging one for hunger

Economy affects global mission

Ecuadorians sign pact

ELCA chaplain at Guantanamo

ELCA help after earthquake

Four goals for faith-based office

Garden of Peace & Plenty

Hanson meets with King Abdullah

Jewish seminaries struggle too

Keep it simple

Kenya: Planting peace

LIRS head to step down

Lutheran lens on TBN

Madagascar struggle

Maine coffee tragedy continues

Michelle Obama gives LVC nod

Mosaic by members

New Episcopal seminary president

No date for second coming

No religion requirement

No sheep stealing

Overwhelmed by immigration

Prayer after New York shooting

Presbyterians retain rule for gay clergy

Quote: Peter Rogness


Samson scores on 'Hebrew Idol'

Seafarers in the spotlight

Senior living goes 'smart'

Some donors keep on giving

Teach kids to share

The 'tree-planting business'

Virtue & Christianity

Best this month: Global Spirit
TV series examines the spiritual beliefs that animate our actions

Best this month: Wayfaring: A Gospel Journey in Everyday Life
Silf invites readers to an adventure of faith and prayer

Best this month: Wendy and Lucy
Themes of poverty and resourcefulness run through this film

Higher education: Rooney wins

Letters: Serving seniors and youth
Not either/or for congregations

Light Side: Pastor goofs

Reflection: Food for life
Jesus calls us to give this, for love

Synod assemblies: Synod assemblies begin

E-newsletter: Anne Frank, at 80

E-newsletter: History reveals Luther's apocalyptic hope

E-newsletter: Old vet, new war

E-newsletter: Thirty years and 250 teens

E-newsletter: Walking with Paul in Athens

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