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Cover story

'Hey coach, I've got a Jesus question' Cover story

'Hey coach, I've got a Jesus question'

At this church, adults attend Sunday school, men teach

Create a spiritual environment Cover story

Create a spiritual environment

At church and home

Looking for resources? Cover story

Looking for resources?

Must-reads on faith formation and rethinking Sunday school

Sunday school: It isn't what it used to be Cover story

Sunday school: It isn't what it used to be

Old: Learning Bible stories. New: Forming, practicing faith


Communicating hope Features

Communicating hope

Rest in God's promises, go serve your neighbor

Dreams of home Features

Dreams of home

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, church partners help families cope

One pastor's 'out there' ministry Features

One pastor's 'out there' ministry

Like Paul, we must go where the people are

Reality TV Features

Reality TV

Is it a virtual sin to watch contestants struggle?

Recycling as ministry Features

Recycling as ministry

In this town, garage sales are unnecessary

Resurrecting Zion Features

Resurrecting Zion

Texas woman breathes new life into church her grandfather served

Sage for the ages Features

Sage for the ages

Edmond Yee's legacy is a generation of diverse leaders

Unemployed? Features


Tough as it is, there are lessons and blessings

Pass the faith

Now what? How do we stop the whining? Pass the faith

Now what? How do we stop the whining?

Make thankfulness a priority

Who gets 'the church' after a divorce? Pass the faith

Who gets 'the church' after a divorce?

Stability of congregation important for children in transition


'Sunshine  on a scooter' Faces

'Sunshine on a scooter'

He listens to other amputees, helps them set goals


Hogslop? Youngchurch


Youth express faith via cookbook

Try this tasty project! Youngchurch

Try this tasty project!

Sunday school students raise $1,000 for ELCA World Hunger Appeal

Web exclusives

The way we were: 1954 Web exclusive

The way we were: 1954

When Sunday schools had flannel boards




'Appendectomy' a class act

'Don't ignore discrimination'

'There's always room for Jell-O'

A blitz of service

A royal welcome

Asian hymnal in the works

Bishops raise awareness of HIV

Church groups make cuts

City grieves slain pastor

Council moves along sexuality proposals

Deficit closes pantry doors

Do you have stories?

ELCA grad imprisoned in Iran

ELCA structure review

Evangelism resource

Faith flies in face of recession

Faith lowers stress

Fast way to garden

Finances reshaped as economy struggles

First women to lead

Fueling kindness

Help with job loss

High tech Sunday school

Honey, there's a toilet outside!

Hunger curriculum takes root

Luther's excommunication

Lutherans mobilize on poverty

Muslims in Norway

New Latin American council

New Lutheran evangelism plan

Point & click: "Can my boss do that?"

Pope: No .catholic

Quote: Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams

Sandbagging in the snow

Sent or called?


Spanish news service

Study Bible for sale

Synod bishop on climate change

Take a break, boost fair trade

Thrifty helpers give $5 million

UCC print publication to cease

Best this month: Claiming the Beatitudes: Nine Stories from a New Generation

Best this month: Happy-Go-Lucky

Best this month: The Velveteen Rabbit

Higher education: Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, St. Olaf College, Gettysburg College and more ...

Letters: Worship attendance is falling
What does this mean?

Light Side: Sunday school snickers

Reflection: Music to the soul
Scientist finds God in the vibrations

E-newsletter: 'Represent joy!'

E-newsletter: Echoes of Easter

E-newsletter: Jesus' real face

E-newsletter: Make confirmation optional

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