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Cover story

Dying & rising Cover story

Dying & rising

Baptism signifies our death and resurrection

Phoenix rising Cover story

Phoenix rising

With God, the death of something can lead to change and, therefore, to new life

To go where we've never gone before Cover story

To go where we've never gone before

Pruning and death in congregations can bring life

Cover story

What about the ELCA?

Special report

Bugs, beware Special report

Bugs, beware

Lenoir-Rhyne students fight to save Carolina hemlocks

Special report

Crisis affects ELCA schools

Going 'trayless' Special report

Going 'trayless'

ELCA colleges embrace green trend

Special report

Higher education briefs

Susquehana University, Muhlenberg College, Lutheran Campus Ministry at Rice University and the Univesity of Houston, and more ...

In San Diego, a campus ministry Special report

In San Diego, a campus ministry

Making college affordable Special report

Making college affordable

Most won't pay 'sticker price' at ELCA colleges and universities

Special report

New biofuel began at Augsburg College

The Lutheran sense of vocation Special report

The Lutheran sense of vocation

It's key for ELCA colleges and ELCA faculty at secular schools


'Living' their mission Features

'Living' their mission

Louisiana churches set priorities & define ministries in post-Katrina world

Forgiveness no accident Features

Forgiveness no accident

Family finds blessings during recovery

From Gutenberg to Google Features

From Gutenberg to Google

Church publishers face many challenges

It's 'Uncle Earl' now Features

It's 'Uncle Earl' now

In Banner Elk, N.C., only some of the names have changed

My retirement detour Features

My retirement detour

A believer encounters chronic illness

Pay(ing) pal Features

Pay(ing) pal

Two teenagers a world apart attend school one paying for the other

The dance to end hunger Features

The dance to end hunger

This Pennsylvania pastor can teach you to tango

Transformation in Iraq Features

Transformation in Iraq

Lessons of war matter, but so does staying open to God's teaching today


A 'phenomenal' woman Faces

A 'phenomenal' woman

Social worker relies on her faith

A higher ed. calling Faces

A higher ed. calling

Lutheran promotes enrollment in Utah's colleges and universities


Filling the barnyard Youngchurch

Filling the barnyard

Youth buy sheep, cows, bees and other animals for people in need

Web exclusives

The Way We Were: 1943-1945 Web exclusive

The Way We Were: 1943-1945


Worship whys:


Presiding bishop:

Communal repentance



'Are you willing?'

A place to play with God

After Hurricane Ike, Lutherans respond

Attacks in Orissa

Be prepared

Beckmann: Remember the poor

Bible style guide

Charity begins at church

China tops State Department list

Christmas at sea

Court questions 'privilege'

ELCA aid for India floods

ELCA studies first-call churches

England: Religous studies up

European Americans organize

Facts & figures: ELCA campus ministries

Fifty years of female clergy

Gathering registration open

Germany: Investigating abuse

Interim for Southeast Michigan

Jews: Proselytizing offensive

Luther Decade launched

Meeting of the minds for mission

Pastors on wheels

Power-sharing in Zimbabwe

Prayer after a hurricane

President Bush at Gettysburg

Quote: Mark A. Anderson

Red Cross access to detainees

Rolling in blessings

Seminary invitation withdrawn

Standing on the word of God

The Bible & Middle East

Thrivent wins literacy award

Vatican demands retraction

Women discuss Spellers' book

Women's ordination in Bolivia

Best practices: How's it going?
Take time to assess your ministry

Best this month: Grace's Window and The Secret Life of Bees

Letters: Separation of church & state
What does this mean?

Light Side: The joke's on you, Grandpa

Reflection: 'Come good home'
Hear the words in the language of love and be blessed

E-newsletter: Family support

E-newsletter: Letters of a Lutheran Army chaplain

E-newsletter: Presbyterians and Lutherans share more than recipes

E-newsletter: We vote every day

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