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Cover story

10 ways to stay connected Cover story

10 ways to stay connected

Connections up and down the church Cover story

Connections up and down the church

Are we connected at all levels of the ELCA? If not, why not and what can we do?

Large membership congregations Cover story

Large membership congregations

Less connected Cover story

Less connected

Perspective: iPodding of America Cover story

Perspective: iPodding of America

Side by side Cover story

Side by side


'The good go up' Features

'The good go up'

God's promise is more than a crutch

A message from Ishmael Noko of the LWF on the Pauline Year Features

A message from Ishmael Noko of the LWF on the Pauline Year

Be it ever so humble Features

Be it ever so humble

Lutheran help follows refugee families back home to Sudan

CEO or shepherd? Features

CEO or shepherd?

Some say a congregation's leader needs to be both

It really is the perfect prayer Features

It really is the perfect prayer

With Jesus'words, 'Our Father ... your will be done,' I say all that's needed

Losing weight, gaining faith Features

Losing weight, gaining faith

3D program nudges members to good health

Quad Squad Features

Quad Squad

Ministry to Ohio family is labor of love

Scholars challenge 'Lutheran' Paul Features

Scholars challenge 'Lutheran' Paul

Wanted: More military chaplains Features

Wanted: More military chaplains

Leaders hope for growth in numbers of ELCA pastors on active military duty

Why Paul matters now Features

Why Paul matters now

Ecumenical dimensions are focus of celebration


'Prisoner' no more Faces

'Prisoner' no more

Rwandan refugee works for healing

On course Faces

On course

Mini-golf scores as green learning center


Thanks for caring Youngchurch

Thanks for caring

Nebraska youth 'grow' their money to serve others

Web exclusives

The way we were: 1966 Web exclusive

The way we were: 1966

American Lutheran Church's general convention votes on "War, Peace and Freedom"


Worship whys:


Presiding bishop:

Growing together



'A silent tsunami'

'The Final Season' on DVD

A view of partnership

AME Zion-Lutheran link

Asian Lutherans meet

Call for immigration reform

Church donates homes

Clergy with disabilities train to be mentors

Davey creator dies


ELCA & Episcopal Church issue joint statement on Sudan

ELCA pastor is 'Woman of Faith'

Family of graduates

Grace times three

Gun appeal refused

MIF assists Moravians

More spending?

Phone card ministry

Precious cargo

Pursuing greater cooperation


Removing barriers

Stimulating a tithe

Visting illegal immigrants

Worship canceled

Youth ministry salaries

Best practices: Creative Christian education
It all happens in the Upper Room

Best this month: Being Well When We're Ill and The Visitor

Higher education: Luther students volunteer in Postville, Iowa; Hamm elected as Wartburg College interim president; and more

Letters: Care of creation
We may disagree on details. We agree on the need.

Light Side: The color purple

Reflection: Through Emma's eyes
We glimpse a glorious world

Synod assemblies: Bishop elections

Synod assemblies: Synods discuss Book of Faith & immigration

Worldscan: Myanmar cyclone, Bible ownership, Papua New Guinea bishop dies and more ...

E-newsletter: 'Growing seed' from The Little Lutheran

E-newsletter: A 'grayce-ful' church
The Lutheran gift of 'and'

E-newsletter: A Spirit-led discovery

E-newsletter: Bringing God to soldiers

E-newsletter: Marking time in Iowa

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