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Cover story

Come2go Cover story


This is about an active God, who really listens

Door openers Cover story

Door openers

Emerging churches renew Lutheran traditions & provide new entry points

Emergents: A sense of play Cover story

Emergents: A sense of play

Glossary Cover story


Some words related to the emerging church

More young adults unchurched? Cover story

More young adults unchurched?

How Lutherans can engage us

Perspective: A good fit for Lutheran theology Cover story

Perspective: A good fit for Lutheran theology

Soul Café Cover story

Soul Café

Spirit Garage Cover story

Spirit Garage

We're just trying to be church


An early Memorial Day .... Features

An early Memorial Day ....

Celebrating marriage Features

Celebrating marriage

Texas congregation throws party for 60 couples married 40 years or more

Dealing with a weak dollar Features

Dealing with a weak dollar

Dollar's decline also affects the church's global work

It all begins with 'be' Features

It all begins with 'be'

That's how we grow in the spiritual life

Rice for dinner Features

Rice for dinner

At Minneapolis congregation, families can count on this ...

Summer in the Son Features

Summer in the Son

Teaching spiritual disciplines, I'm challenged and blessed

Table Grace Features

Table Grace

In Christian unity they explore everything from spiritual matters to the phone bill

Why weight? Features

Why weight?

I could begin to solve my problem only when I saw the spiritual center


Called to make a difference Faces

Called to make a difference

Human rights advocate will travel for LWF

When in Rome Faces

When in Rome

Visitor returns to write of art


Down on the farm Youngchurch

Down on the farm

Montana youth fill a 'barnyard' to help people in need

Web exclusives

The way we were: 1935 Web exclusive

The way we were: 1935




The Lutheran wins at Associated Church Press

Church Mutual is new insurer

ELCA Church Council affirms malaria work

First Book of Faith resource is available

From floods to fire

Making good on a promise

Point & click

Rwanda's Lutherans host a youth gathering

Stendahl, Lutheran bishop and scholar, dies

Taking the 'Plunge'

That's one big class ...

UMC: 'Yes' to full communion

Update: Groce marks 90 years

Youth gathering seeks young adult volunteers

Best practices: Congregational history
Connect memory with promise

Best this month: The Gift of Years and Young@Heart

Churchscan: Methodist-Lutheran cooperation, new life for damaged fabric, California church bilked and more ...

For the record: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, board

Higher education: Ohle becomes Gustavus Adolphus president, California Lutheran University partners with Danish college and mroe

Letters: Passing peace isn't peaceful
Not everyone likes it

Light Side: Wedding woes

Reflection: Plain mustard
It's not extraordinary, after all but so beautiful

Synod assemblies: Bishop elections

Synod assemblies: Synod assemblies in full swing

Worldscan: Zimbabwe elections, U.S. Global Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Reauthorization Act and more

E-newsletter: 'Next to godliness'

E-newsletter: A mean rhubarb pie
'Ethics What you make of life from the leftovers after the main course of salvation has been served.'

E-newsletter: Diaconal ministry as evangelism
Those who serve remind us who Jesus is

E-newsletter: Putting God first

E-newsletter: Some wounds never heal

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Embracing diversity