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Cover story

Baby boomers: Where are they? Cover story

Baby boomers: Where are they?

In transition and looking for something 'real'

Faith formed in childhood Cover story

Faith formed in childhood

MaryAnn Waalen Anderson says it's evolved into a recognition of God's power

It began with a wave Cover story

It began with a wave

Virginia congregation focuses on those 50 and older

Time and resources Cover story

Time and resources

Esther Rusch says boomers can use them to overcome differences

What a comfort Cover story

What a comfort

Brad Judy says his faith helps him no longer fear death


AFP turnaround 5 years in making Features

AFP turnaround 5 years in making

Beth Lewis' tenure has included product and resource launches

At a distance? Features

At a distance?

Leaders discuss Luther Seminary's M.Div. distance learning

Banking on the church's promise Features

Banking on the church's promise

In Tanzania, a Lutheran bank invests in lives and reaps the profits


Estonian Lutherans support those affected by HIV

Great days in the face of loss Features

Great days in the face of loss

What Tom's last Easter taught us about dying ... and living

Hugger, shaker ... peacemaker? Features

Hugger, shaker ... peacemaker?

Magazine's readers share their views on passing the peace

Life leaves marks Features

Life leaves marks

Resurrection changed Jesus and, today, changes us

Our journey after Easter Features

Our journey after Easter

Reading guides us as we travel boldly along God-given paths

Saving history Features

Saving history

North Dakota organization works to preserve prairie churches


Polar faith Faces

Polar faith

Antarctica reveals 'a God who takes care of us'

Raising her voice Faces

Raising her voice

Advocate speaks up for women and girls


Some Souper ideas Youngchurch

Some Souper ideas

Youth collect food and funds for hunger projects

Web exclusives

A holy kiss Web exclusive

A holy kiss

A little lesson about a big thing: Sharing peace


Worship whys:


Presiding bishop:

Acting our age



Care given after NIU shooting

Congregational search under way

Lazareth, ELCA theologian & former bishop, dies

Lutheran Deaconess Association names new director

Lutherans aid winter storm victims

Point & click

Rwanda health clinic

Update: No guns, no set signs for Minnesota churches

Best practices: Be prepared
'Chance favors only the prepared mind' Louis Pasteur

Best this month: The Power of Forgiveness

Churchscan: Vestment to heirloom and more

Higher education: Pacific Lutheran University, Susquehanna University and more

Letters: Immigration articles raise ire
Readers: Keep it legal

Light Side: Sharing the peace everywhere

Reflection: Virtue in fatigue?
It might slow us down, so we could feel the Spirit blowing

Worldscan: Crisis over Gaza, Namibia flooding and more

E-newsletter: Boomer faith

E-newsletter: Shunned shepherds

E-newsletter: Symbols of peace

E-newsletter: Trading happiness for joy

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