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Cover story

'Acrimony' toward illegal workers Cover story

'Acrimony' toward illegal workers

Marshalltown, Iowa

A synod offers sanctuary Cover story

A synod offers sanctuary

Southwest California

The question of undocumented immigrants Cover story

The question of undocumented immigrants

From a Lutheran faith perspective, answers differ

Three congregations work to stop deportations Cover story

Three congregations work to stop deportations

New York City


'Jesus for the road' Features

'Jesus for the road'

Ellie says she tucks half a communion wafer away to help her remember 'Jesus loves me'

<I>Me</I> preach? Features

Me preach?

Colorado pastor, congregation renewed by lay preachers

A feast for all? Features

A feast for all?

Most readers say the trend toward lower communion age is a good thing

Dem bones Features

Dem bones

Award-winning sermon addresses domestic abuse


Draft of human sexuality social statement due in March

Church in Society staff offer a primer on the document

In Slovakia, center rekindles faith Features

In Slovakia, center rekindles faith

Lutherans serve with a school, summer programs and more

Passion pilgrimage Features

Passion pilgrimage

Journey along the way of the cross

Supportive communities Features

Supportive communities

Four movies of 2007 take us inside

Was Jesus subversive? Features

Was Jesus subversive?

Considering the 'other' reason Jesus died on the cross


New country, new child Faces

New country, new child

Pediatrician helps meet needs of international adoptions


Easter thoughts Youngchurch

Easter thoughts

Youth share their understanding of resurrection

Web exclusives

'I say commune them all!' Web exclusive

'I say commune them all!'

Readers offer a variety of opinions on early-age communion

The way we were: 1950 Web exclusive

The way we were: 1950


Worship whys:


Presiding bishop:

God crosses borders



60 years of meatballs & lutefisk

Listen, God is calling

Pioneer pastors

Point & click

Update: Greg Mortenson

Update: Lutheran laryngitis

Best practices: Finances
Taking care of business is a sacred tust

Best this month: What We Were Made For and Hairspray

Churchscan: Good gifts and good genes

Higher education: Briefs

Higher education: Sign of the times
For 30 years, Lenoir-Rhyne's been a deaf-friendly campus

Letters: Bishop & rabbi story struck a nerve
Readers (print and online) weighed in

Light Side: At the communion rail

Reflection: Faith healing
God's faith in us guides the mending process

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: Good news and surprises

E-newsletter: In Missouri and Minnesota

E-newsletter: My name is Abraham

E-newsletter: Signs of Resurrection

E-newsletter: Waiting for Easter

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