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Cover story

'My biggest fear is becoming homeless' Cover story

'My biggest fear is becoming homeless'

'There really is hope' Cover story

'There really is hope'

In this country and beyond the church toils to terminate hunger

A proposal for the church Cover story

A proposal for the church

Food stamp simulation proves challenging Cover story

Food stamp simulation proves challenging

Hunger-fighting strategies and trends Cover story

Hunger-fighting strategies and trends


'But God can' Features

'But God can'

Ash Wednesday reminds us God renews, reforms, revives our lives

God sightings Features

God sightings

Make it your Lenten practice to watch for God's activity

Like swords into plowshares Features

Like swords into plowshares

In Cambodia, Lutherans help replace land mines with vegetables, fruits

Ten days in Lent Features

Ten days in Lent

In times of death, God speaks words of life

What's in your backpack? Features

What's in your backpack?

For these kids it's weekend food and a book from 'Good Neighbors'

Why not child sponsorship? Features

Why not child sponsorship?

A Q&A with ELCA World Hunger Appeal director Kathryn Sime

Women to women Features

Women to women

Delaware congregation reaches across the world with sophisticated sale


Connecting to kids Faces

Connecting to kids

Artist draws on his inner 9-year-old

Soaring spirit Faces

Soaring spirit

Blinded in crash, he teaches others to fly


Chickens in church Youngchurch

Chickens in church

Ohio youth get a special visit during Lent


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Presiding bishop:

Waters of life



'Primary' resource

Facing the homeless

Fasting is good for the heart

Few congregations seek government money

In Iraq, Christians say they are dwindling

Lutheran prof creates ringtones

Mosaic TV closes with The Life of Apostle Peter

No entry for HIV visitors

Point & click

Best practices: Conflict
When it calls your name, answer

Best this month: Journey into Love and Once

Churchscan: Churchscan

Higher education: Briefs

Letters: Second-career pastors
The positives and negatives

Light Side: Funeral stories, Part II

Reflection: Great-grandpa's coat
Wearing it, I am reminded of the family of faith

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: 'So much more'

E-newsletter: Tempting bread

E-newsletter: The legster

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