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Cover story

Across the wide Missouri divide Cover story

Across the wide Missouri divide

Why Lutheran kin are so separate

What's the difference? Cover story

What's the difference?

A look from the ELCA at the company we keep


'It's what we do' Features

'It's what we do'

Gift-giving in California goes beyond the ordinary and across the world

A surprising new role Features

A surprising new role

David Swartling prepares for his work as ELCA secretary

French Lutherans want links with the U.S. Features

French Lutherans want links with the U.S.

'Help us overcome our prejudices,' says church president

Happy and Sad Danes unite Features

Happy and Sad Danes unite

In Ringsted, Iowa: A tale of emotions, dancing, disagreement, fire and mold


In concert for a cause

Need grows for first domestic abuse shelter for American Indians

Our mediated conscience Features

Our mediated conscience

Luther can help us navigate in our graceless, interactive world

Peace in Palestinian classrooms Features

Peace in Palestinian classrooms

In Lutheran schools, students learn respect and love for 'the other'

Teach me to pray Features

Teach me to pray

'We are beggars: this is true' Martin Luther, a few days before his death, February 1546

Woman heads Lutheran church in Paris Features

Woman heads Lutheran church in Paris


An incredible voice Faces

An incredible voice

Retired music teacher makes lessons sing

Standing for justice Faces

Standing for justice

Advocate bests 'city hall'


Kids care and share Youngchurch

Kids care and share

New Jersey congregation emphasizes stewardship projects

Web exclusives

The way we were: 1908 Web exclusive

The way we were: 1908


Worship whys:


ELCA secretary:

Parting insights



'Sweet Land' now on DVD

Abdissa's 'Circle of Friends'

After storms, Lutheran recovery efforts kick in

Cell phone sins

ELCA camps evacuate due to wildfires

Facts & figures

Helen comes home

Update: Art has happy ending

Update: Van goes to finish line

Best this month: Firstlight and The Jane Austen Book Club

Churchscan: Booth for a bishop

Churchscan: Churchscan

Higher education: Higher education scans

Letters: Lutheran laryngitis
Can we learn to talk about faith?

Light Side: Lutherans are OK

Reflection: Adopted 'forever'
God keeps all children in unconditional love

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: A group sigh

E-newsletter: Grades and God's grace

E-newsletter: Restlessness, India and untouchables

E-newsletter: Servant leadership: Making Christ known

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Embracing diversity