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Cover story

Lasting learning Cover story

Lasting learning

What's the lasting and most helpful thing you learned in seminary?

More than just 'preacher factories' Cover story

More than just 'preacher factories'

ELCA seminaries provide traditional Lutheran theological education & prepare students for tomorrow's church


'The Light of Christ' Features

'The Light of Christ'

A little lesson about the large candle

A growing church in Sweden's Silicon Valley Features

A growing church in Sweden's Silicon Valley

A laughing matter Features

A laughing matter

Iowa congregation reaches out with laughter club

Adopting across cultures Features

Adopting across cultures

Such adoptions can enrich family life, parents say

Bones for a new day Features

Bones for a new day

'For a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have' (Luke 24:39)

He's just plain 'Anders' Features

He's just plain 'Anders'

Sweden's new archbishop reveals the challenges facing Lutherans there

It wasn't exactly a wedding ... Features

It wasn't exactly a wedding ...

but on this day two did become one

The gift of <i>Shabbat</i> Features

The gift of Shabbat

From the mourning after crucifixion comes the astonishment of resurrection


Two parts faith, one part humor

Do the two mix?


A heart for life Faces

A heart for life

Minnesota man wants defibrillators in the game

Fear gives way Faces

Fear gives way

Executive shares faith with prisoners


Colorful message Youngchurch

Colorful message

How to transform your sanctuary on Easter morning

Web exclusives

'A rainbow family' Web exclusive

'A rainbow family'

A diploma in one hand, debt in the other Web exclusive

A diploma in one hand, debt in the other

Fun in adult Sunday school? Web exclusive

Fun in adult Sunday school?

'People love to learn when laughing is involved'

The Easter crowd Web exclusive

The Easter crowd

I used to criticize them, but not now

The way we were: 1953 Web exclusive

The way we were: 1953


Worship whys:




'Called to Africa'

'Cloud' hangs over LSA gathering

Anglican bishops send Episcopal Church a warning

Church struggling with changing world, researcher says

German youth to show 'respect' for others

Gift got his goat

Manna for Madagascar

Mixed ruling on openly gay pastor

New Orleans school gets 'new' library

Pension board proposes wellness plan for 2008

Point & click

Third sexuality study out

Update: 'Set free' for ministry

Best this month: Transfiguration and The Namesake

Churchscan: Churchscan

Higher education: Higher education scans

Higher education: Identity-theft prevention steps

Higher education: Preventing identity theft at colleges and universities

Letters: Worship concerns raised
Readers are offended when toddlers are refused communion

Light Side: Sing for joy

Reflection: Harland's quilt
The patches tell of hard work and heavenly hope

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: 'Lord, teach us to pray'

E-newsletter: Fishing with Jesus

E-newsletter: Reflections on Confirmation Day

E-newsletter: The feast for all

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