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Cover story

Cover story

'I never want to see you in my church again'

St. Dysmas of South Dakota, Sioux Falls

A service for squirmers? Cover story

A service for squirmers?

Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan, New York, N.Y.

Greeters replace weeds Cover story

Greeters replace weeds

Trinity Lutheran Church, Pleasanton, Calif.

Cover story

Yes, some ELCA congregations are growing

Strong identity, leadership and 'the Holy Spirit does wondrous things'


'We're your daughters' Features

'We're your daughters'

Winnipeg consultation educates Lutherans about commercial sexual exploitation

ELCA supports soup kitchen Features

ELCA supports soup kitchen

Epiphany's enduring question Features

Epiphany's enduring question

What will we do with new wisdom?

Praying for strength Features

Praying for strength

Contact and Resource Center helps people with disabilities after war in Lebanon

The final goodbye Features

The final goodbye

Death and taxes are constant, but funerals are changing

The myth of the balanced life Features

The myth of the balanced life

Christ's word is a word of hope, not of self-help

To bury, or not to bury ... Features

To bury, or not to bury ...

Window celebrates God's breath Features

Window celebrates God's breath


Lifelong builder Faces

Lifelong builder

Retiree brings energy to work for others

Racing for hunger Faces

Racing for hunger

Athlete/musician raises awareness


Seeing the larger church Youngchurch

Seeing the larger church

Confirmands 'say cheese' with a synod bishop at annual gathering

Web exclusives

Web exclusive

A party?

Balaam: Another wise man? Web exclusive

Balaam: Another wise man?

The Magi were his spiritual children

Exit strategy Web exclusive

Exit strategy

And you thought there was only one way to leave this life

Web exclusive

Rest in peace, Old Mariah

The way we were: 1961 Web exclusive

The way we were: 1961


Worship whys:




3rd sexuality study available

Kairos community rallies for change

And the winners are

Biblical tel ranks as 'World Heritage Site'

Council pushes forward on 'Read the Bible'

Evangelism tips

Franklin Drewes Fry dies

Help provide health care

Knit one, pray too

Meetze, pastor to politicians, dies

Point & click

Sacred space on MySpace

Best this month: God's Top Ten and Children of Men

Churchscan: Churchscan

Higher education: Higher education scans

Letters: Evolution and intelligent design
The discussion evolves

Light Side: Know any Epiphanies?

Reflection: Prayer list
It has an effect on me when I am open to its call

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: Do you believe this?

E-newsletter: Focused on the Light

E-newsletter: We are people of the Light
Jesus leads the way

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