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Cover story

Luther and the Lord's Prayer Cover story

Luther and the Lord's Prayer

Cover story

Overcoming prayer anxiety

Praying through Advent Cover story

Praying through Advent

Tips for praying with young children Cover story

Tips for praying with young children

When we listen to God... Cover story

When we listen to God...

Turning our Advent prayer life into a life of prayer



'Christmas in the Old Church'

A picture of aid Features

A picture of aid

Andrena 'set free' Features

Andrena 'set free'

ELCA candidate for ordination lives with faith and HIV

Becoming 'new' Features

Becoming 'new'

One year away yields five insights on changing roles in retirement

Blue Christmas Features

Blue Christmas

Special service offers holiday hope for the hurting

Pointing the way Features

Pointing the way

In Luther's vision, Mary is a path to God

Stretching open arms to South Africa Features

Stretching open arms to South Africa

Minnesota congregations and membersextend the reach of an HIV/AIDS ministry

Watching over military families Features

Watching over military families

Virginia congregations give, pray and do chores

With wonder and awe Features

With wonder and awe

We can come to Christmas with a new spirit when we make time for Advent


Doctor doggie Faces

Doctor doggie

Buddy (with his owner) makes hospital rounds

God bless us, everyone! Faces

God bless us, everyone!

'Scrooge' tells Dickens' message for 30 years


A joyful gift Youngchurch

A joyful gift


Preparing the way

Youth participate in Advent festivities

Web exclusives

The way we were: 1941 Web exclusive

The way we were: 1941


Worship whys:

Welcome home

Presiding bishop:

The divinity question



Almen, Hanson announce plans for future

Augsburg Fortress expects 2006 profit

Christmas miracle

Church Council member dies

ELCA college forms Luther House of Study

Evangelism tips

Farmers' markets head into winter

Point & click

Sexuality study title changes

STAND UP sets world record

Thou shalt not steal?

Water for Christmas

Your turn to lead devotions?

Best this month: Rabble-Rouser for Peace and Sweet Land

Churchscan: Churchscan

Letters: Evolution evokes broad discussion
Some don't feel a choice is necessary

Light Side: Mary in labor & delivery?

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: "Whoever has two coats ..."

E-newsletter: Advent trail walkers

E-newsletter: Some have entertained angels

E-newsletter: There is a place

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Mythbusting: 10 things you thought you knew about Martin Luther