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Cover story

'I don't know if I believe anymore' Cover story

'I don't know if I believe anymore'

Acknowledging our doubt is the first step

'My God is so big' Cover story

'My God is so big'

I took a risk and shared my doubts with my Bible study

ID, please Cover story

ID, please

Doubt doesn't have to mean a total lack of faith

In praise of doubt Cover story

In praise of doubt

What we see as a stumbling block can be a step toward deeper faith


'We let them know they have power' Features

'We let them know they have power'

Lutheran-supported ministry boosts health of women in Chile


Grand Canyon bishop resigns over sexual misconduct

Holy surprises along America's highways Features

Holy surprises along America's highways

Far from familiar territory, we find signs of God's presence

Hospitals send staff to care for survivors Features

Hospitals send staff to care for survivors


Liberia's president accepts churches' call

New leader agrees to address widespread corruption


Liberian refugees express cautious hope

Natural jump Features

Natural jump

'I'm Pastor So-and-So and, yes, I was a camp counselor'


The forgotten side of prayer

Our lives change when we open our hearts

The little church that could Features

The little church that could

Chicago congregation breathes new life into Catholic school, rectory


To prevent famine, Kenyan Lutherans seek help

Wave eco-friendly palms Features

Wave eco-friendly palms

Project helps congregations support sustainable harvesting


Growing in faith Faces

Growing in faith

Bonsai gardener learns patience


From the bookshelf Youngchurch

From the bookshelf

Stop, look and listen Youngchurch

Stop, look and listen

South Carolina youth learn creative prayer

Web exclusives

Web exclusive

An identity test

A perspective on coming home from the mission field

Putting faith into action Web exclusive

Putting faith into action

ELCA seminarians repair homes and provide pastoral care in the Gulf Coast


Presiding bishop:

A Lenten invitation



'Here I Step'

A Bible for roughing it

Book highlights the best of Lull

Digital divide in the ELCA?

Facts & figures

LDR ad in 8 city papers boosts volunteer sign-up

Memorial held for ELCA hostage

OK, we'll play

Poll: U.S. Latinos are regular churchgoers

Update: Giving youth a chance

Best this month: The Beatitudes for Today and End of the Spear

Churchscan: Churchscan

Letters: Who will wear this shirt?
The articles provoke reflection

Light Side: Food for thought

Mission voices: God of surprises
An ELCA pastor listens for God's voice in Guyana

Reflection: The taste of wine
In it are healing, blessing and love

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: 10 guidelines for living as a saint today

E-newsletter: The Remembering

E-newsletter: Coming home to N Street Village

E-newsletter: It's slow going in New Orleans

E-newsletter: Keeping Lent on campus

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