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Cover story

'Come and see me' Cover story

'Come and see me'

New Orleans pastor connects with evacuees in Houston

Cover story

'Jesus began to weep'

God grieves with us today and promises new life

A shepherd searches Cover story

A shepherd searches

Seeking after his own from Bethlehem

An overabundance of care Cover story

An overabundance of care

Lutheran Disaster Response begins long, hard work

Blessings all around Cover story

Blessings all around

Urbana, Ill., congregation provides for twodisplaced families

ELCA pastor heads interfaith housing match for 20,000 Cover story

ELCA pastor heads interfaith housing match for 20,000

Cover story

More hurricane help

Cover story

Synod focuses on connecting people


'Green' campus Features

'Green' campus

St. Olaf students, faculty and staff explore environmental sustainability

'It is good!' Features

'It is good!'

'Thanks to you, our bellies are full' Features

'Thanks to you, our bellies are full'


A dozen ways to care for your pastor


Air Force releases interim religion guidelines

An overwhelming reality Features

An overwhelming reality

Traveling with Tanzanian Lutheran colleagues, college educators learn about HIV/AIDS


Care & feeding of pastors

Tending to the one who cares for you

Counting the last days Features

Counting the last days

Walter Bouman considers his dying and joining the saints on the other side

Deep doodling Features

Deep doodling

When kids draw during worship, they just might be worshiping

Growing to share Features

Growing to share

Shaver's garden feeds 4,000 families

Lenoir-Rhyne students find hope in Haiti Features

Lenoir-Rhyne students find hope in Haiti

Loving their college neighbors Features

Loving their college neighbors


No place like home

Thrivent's new Habitat for Humanity partnership combines Lutherans with building projects

Plan B for retirement Features

Plan B for retirement

A couple decide to risk prudent planning and set out on a journey of faith


Report from the road, Nova Scotia

The community came to me Features

The community came to me


Giving flowers Youngchurch

Giving flowers

Contest finalists tell how they share God's love


Presiding bishop:

Bearing witness



Bishops join in morning prayer

Facts & figures

Feel like giving up on giving?

From basement to stage

Instead of a partridge in a pear tree

Military outreach, medical care in Iraq

Next gospel music star?

Point & click

Pop culture worries mothers

Retro alert: Don't throw that out!

Update: Speaking out about domestic abuse

Best this month: Born Again and Again and Good Night, and Good Luck

Churchscan: Churchscan

Collegescan: Collegescan

Letters: Youth and family ministry
Good approaches require work

Light Side: Saints at play

Reflection: I'm a 'Jesus goat'
But the Good Shepherd still leads me and you

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: Do you know Luther's favorite prayer?

E-newsletter: I love you with all of my mind

E-newsletter: If you don't have an inkwell handy ...

E-newsletter: Infinite doubt, infinite hope

E-newsletter: Liberia: Counting on change

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