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Cover story

Look with new eyes at the city Cover story

Look with new eyes at the city

You'll catch glimpses of the Spirit on the move

Cover story

Spirit in the city: Chicago

Chris Ocken goes inside a food bank

Spirit in the city: New York Cover story

Spirit in the city: New York

Amy C. Elliott hears a subway drummer

Spirit in the city: Seattle Cover story

Spirit in the city: Seattle

Jeffrey High visits a shelter on 'beauty day'


'I do, I do' Features

'I do, I do'

We all know the words that begin a marriage. But do we know what matrimony has meant through the ages?

Beef-buying as ministry Features

Beef-buying as ministry

Montana congregation puts its money where its youth are: the county fair

Breathing space Features

Breathing space

Welcome to the most hopeful place in Bethlehem


ELCA chaplain resigns from Air Force

Task force releases report on religious intolerance at the academy

Fishing for hope Features

Fishing for hope

On the road ... Features

On the road ...

with Norma Cook Everist

Orlando assembly faces critical issues: sexuality & restructuring Features

Orlando assembly faces critical issues: sexuality & restructuring

Voting members also address worship and ethnic ministry

Rooted in the desert Features

Rooted in the desert

Lutherans and Muslims care for the poor in Mauritania.


Seeing & saying the other side

This Christian practice lets us live in paradoxical faithfulness


Servant gardeners

Steeples & people Features

Steeples & people

Doors open to congregational stories


Sudan: Too late?


Pushing for Parkinson's Faces

Pushing for Parkinson's

Joan Samuelson seeks stem-cell research


Seeking justice

Legal-aid work is a 'calling'


Hands of friendship Youngchurch

Hands of friendship

Project help young people meet needs 'right across the street'


Spotlight on

Web exclusives

Web exclusive

Perspective: The Supreme Court and the Ten Commandments

What do the recent decisions really mean?

Web exclusive

Seeing the other whole: A habitus for globalization


Presiding bishop:

In Orlando



After the Rader guilty plea: 'Take note of what we do with evil,' urges pastor

Gentlemen, start your prayers!

Hailing Mary

Heart of darkness

Point & click

Quotable: John C. Danforth

Social Security 'secure'

UCC affirms marriage equality

War happy?

Best this month: Best this month

Churchscan: Churchscan

Letters: Confirmation: A new look
What should we keep? Change?

Light Side: And God said ... 'No'

Reflection: The egg lady and me
I remember her tap on my shoulder and her smile

Synod assemblies: Synod assemblies take stands on sexuality and more
Other votes focus on immigration, hunger and worship

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: A church starts in China

E-newsletter: Calling young contributors: Explain God

E-newsletter: Chasing down a rumor

E-newsletter: Stepping out

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Embracing diversity