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Cover story

Cover story

A holy war of words: Jihad & crusade

The Sept. 11 attacks brought two misunderstood religious words into politics

Cover story

Finding the ties that bind

Christian and Muslim students live and learn together at a Chicago seminary

What are we afraid of? Cover story

What are we afraid of?

The war against terror requires a parallel war against injustice


'The Lutheran' editor resigns Features

'The Lutheran' editor resigns

David L. Miller will join the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Before the rains Features

Before the rains


Chaplain is dismissed from U.S. Air Force Academy

If grace is true... Features

If grace is true...

What do you say to your brother on the night before his execution?

In their footsteps Features

In their footsteps

Forty years after the Voting Rights Act, a trip to Alabama becomes a walk of faith

It's summertime... Features

It's summertime...

and the livin'(in some congregations) is about outreach


Leap of faith


Marching into history

Joe and Joyce Ellwanger reflect on their trek to Montgomery, Alabama

Saving lives, creating peace Features

Saving lives, creating peace

Israeli and Palestinian doctors build medical bridges to help children with cancer


Sexuality: A question of unity

Two Lutheran ethicists critique recommendations on homosexuality


Sexuality: Are we missing another chance to be Lutheran?


Sexuality: Can a divided house stand?


UMC bishops say 'yes' to Lutherans


'It's a mystery' Faces

'It's a mystery'

Peace & war bookend Bible translation



Contest time


Justice Leaguers fight injustice

This does compute Youngchurch

This does compute

Club teaches sixth-graders computer skills & promotes volunteerism

Web exclusives

Web exclusive

Observations on homosexuality in the New Testament

Is it too easy to center attention on one vice to the neglect of others Paul thought were of equal or even greater importance?


Presiding bishop:

Tell the story



Bible knowledge tied to literature

Curious who?

Ending hunger not fiction

Hearing is believing

New look at ethical investing

Pastor launches Web radio

Point & click

Update: Straight into gay America

Best this month: 'White China: Finding the Divine in the Everyday' and 'Howl's Moving Castle'

Churchscan: Churchscan

Letters: A table set for all
Gluten-free ELCA members speak

Light Side: The culture factor

Reflection: 'I did answer yes ...'
Hammarskjöld's affirmation signals a life growing in relationship to God

Synod assemblies: Sexuality recommendations top debates at assemblies
Voting members also urge mission, ending hunger, compassion for immigrants and Middle East peace

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: 'Deus semper major'

E-newsletter: 'Use me as your instrument'

E-newsletter: Shelter for the spirit

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Embracing diversity