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Cover story

'We entrust you to God' Cover story

'We entrust you to God'

A family prays together before the mother's respirator is removed

Cover story

An end-of-life glossary

Can we talk? Cover story

Can we talk?

Terri Schiavo's death suggests tools to plan for end-of-life decisions

Questions on death's way Cover story

Questions on death's way

They challenge our beliefs about life and faith, yet end in mystery

The uncharted journey Cover story

The uncharted journey

When we must face death, our faith in God gives strength along our way


'Let hope be alight in our yes' Features

'Let hope be alight in our yes'

Remembering the graduation prayers of my campus pastor


Council proposes exceptions for gay and lesbian ministers

Finally a Lutheran Features

Finally a Lutheran

Take it from Dorothy: You're never too old for confirmation

Having it all? Features

Having it all?

A mother contemplates a modern-day myth of women's lives


Hearts create homes

N.C. congregation of 8 takes on project of big proportions

It's not your grandmother's confirmation Features

It's not your grandmother's confirmation

This rite of spring (or fall) needs to change or, egads, disappear!


Lutheran publications win awards


Pastor charged with soliciting sex from 14-year-old

Recovering from genocide Features

Recovering from genocide

Although poor and ripped by war, a new Lutheran church takes root in Rwanda


Teaching theologians support sexuality recommendations

The road to genocide Features

The road to genocide



It's 'our degree'

Doctorate is a historic first

Making music, honoring roots Faces

Making music, honoring roots

St. Olaf's Armstrong takes students to Norway



Contest time

Where in the world? Youngchurch

Where in the world?

Maryland teen goes on a life-changing adventure


Presiding bishop:

Reasons to hope



Grim future for Africa without AIDS funding

Lutherans back clergy with continuing ed money

Lutherans in a (very funny) nutshell

On display

Point & click

Pope Benedict XVI: Relativism the central problem for the church

Update: $9 million for tsunami

Update: Rader writes to his congregation

Best this month: "Living Peace" and "The Interpreter"

Churchscan: Churchscan

Letters: Love and open arms
Reader's viewpoint seen from different eyes

Light Side: Easter leftovers

Reflection: Where God abides
On Thalia Ward, the Helper is with the helpless

Synod assemblies: Synod assembly reports

Synod assemblies: Synod councils offer counsel on sexuality issues

Worldscan: Worldscan

E-newsletter: Keeping our mission mindset

E-newsletter: Morning prayer

E-newsletter: Playing dead on Wednesdays

E-newsletter: The people right next door

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