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Cover story

10 under 40 Cover story

10 under 40

These adults are leading the church & changing the world


'Showers of Blessing' Features

'Showers of Blessing'

Church & community address hygiene among homeless

A grammatical moment Features

A grammatical moment

Young adult's synod assembly experience results in passion for church

Faith in action Features

Faith in action

How to plan meaningful service trips

Hope 'inside' and out Features

Hope 'inside' and out

Texas prison mission offers study, worship and a second chance

Retiring with purpose Features

Retiring with purpose

Road map Features

Road map

These young people literally wrote the book on food drives

Sacred return Features

Sacred return

In Denver, a 'stunning, remarkable ceremonial moment'

Small but mighty Features

Small but mighty

Overcoming challenges, the Kogi Christian Church flourishes

Soup for all Features

Soup for all

Two months out

Get ready for 'Docs, Crocs and Frocks' Two months out

Get ready for 'Docs, Crocs and Frocks'

Good one!

Good one!

Resurrection surprise

Deeper understandings

Shalom church Deeper understandings

Shalom church

Being the body of Christ in a nonreligious way


Big award for artist is chance to inspire Faces

Big award for artist is chance to inspire


A lexicon of faith:




Baltimore solidarity

Church Council considers mission funding

Church is synagogue

Eaton in China

ELCA growth stats

ELCA's 2015 day of service

Gay marriage backed

James Crumley, LCA bishop dies

Johnson to lead Wartburg Seminary

Leaders seek end to death penalty

Lutherans respond to quake in Nepal

New fundraising tool

No funds for funeral

Schaller leaves legacy

Women's leader dies

Best this month: Butterfly Park

Best this month: Life Inside Out

Best this month: The Forgiveness Handbook

Letters: Remember music staff in histories
Readers weigh in on social responsibility, environmentalism, God image, more

Reflection: Spiritual solstice

Picture this: 'God, bless my Harley ...'

E-newsletter: Gave up shopping & discovered grace

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