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News April 2010
Ecumenism not heresy
In Istanbul, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is facing pressure based on a Lenten encyclical he wrote for the world's 300 million Orthodox Christians.  more…
Features Melissa Ramirez Cooper December 2005
In Brazil: Hanson focuses on ecumenism
Some people find it confusing that Lutherans are involved in many different “full communion” relationships, ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson said in a panel discussion on ecumenism ...  more…
You asked Norma & Burton Everist September 1997
Ecumenism local or global?
Unity flows from scholarly work and elbow grease
Is ecumenism supposed to be conducted by ecumenical leaders sitting around discussing esoteric questions of doctrine, or is it Christian believers gathering together in the ...  more…
Features January 2006
Conference of International Black Lutherans:
A broader interpretation of ecumenism
Under the theme “The Moral and Spiritual Imperative for Holistic World Community—Ecumenism: The Vocation of the Theologian/Priest in the World House,” 50 ...  more…
My view William K. Drew February 1997
But not a vote against ecumenism
The vote at this summer's ELCA assembly on the proposed Concordat of Agreement with the Episcopal Church won't be a vote on whether we support ecumenism. It will be on whether ...  more…
Features January 2013
Diverse households
Ecumenism, interreligious affairs in a multicultural age
One afternoon when our office suite at the university where I teach was unusually busy, a student approached me. "Can I pray?" she asked, gesturing to the already occupied conference room. I asked if she would like ...  more…
Features Edgar R. Trexler April 1996
Turning toward ecumenism
Full communion with 4 churches must be taken seriously
Serious study is beginning in our church on whether the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America should officially move toward closer relationships with four other churches. The intensity of the study is overdue since ...  more…
Features John H. Spruhan June 1998
Ecumenism 101: Varieties of gifts
An ELCA seminarian and Episcopal congregation learn from each other
Would a Lutheran seminarian choose our Episcopal congregation as a teaching site? Would our congregation be open to having a Lutheran student? Would this work? What would my bishop say? I was intrigued but had reservations. ...  more…
Features David L. Miller June 2003
Seeking spiritual ecumenism
ELCA ecumenical journey reveals accomplishments and challenges
We are seen as a significant partner in the striving for unity in the body of Christ that we call ecumenism," said Mark Hanson, reflecting upon the ecumenical journey ...  more…
Cover story Tim & Chamie Delkeskamp December 2008
When a Lutheran marries a Methodist, what do you get?
Answer: Faith, grace and a conversation on the future of ecumenism
We married on a California beach on Valentine’s Day 1999. Norm Braatz, our Lutheran officiant, likes to joke that he talked with Tim’s bishop a week before our wedding. “I didn’t know that Tim ...  more…
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