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Best intention turned into startling 'news'

Has someone ever taken something you said or did, something reasonable, something commendable, and twisted it to make it sound deplorable?

I remember the day in February 1984 when 70 of us on the Commission for a New Lutheran Church were working on the constitution for the ELCA. When we got to the section about the Trinity in the church's confession of faith, one of the members, a man, suggested that we should see if we could find language that was less male-oriented.

Edgar R. Trexler, the editor of The Lutheran at that time and continuing after the merger, tells about the moment in his book Anatomy of a Merger (Augsburg, 1991; page 59):

"In support of inclusive language, Elwyn Ewald (AELC, lay) moved to insert 'triune' for 'one' [God] and delete 'Father, Son and Holy Spirit' from the first sentence of the statement of faith. The sentence read: 'On the basis of sacred Scriptures, the Church's creeds and the Lutheran confessional writings, we confess our faith in the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit ....'"

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