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The influence of technology

Our family was spending the day at Disneyland while on vacation, so I decided to text the title of my sermon for the coming Sunday to the office manager. I wrote "my sermon title is Peter" but then added a personal note: "we are at Disneyland." When I returned home and opened up the bulletin, I realized the hazards of not using punctuation. My sermon title was: "Peter we are at Disneyland."

Bruce Hannem
Nisswa, Minn.

As we left the fellowship hall after confirmation, a young man and I passed by the 1960s-era black dial wall phone still in use for members. He looked at the phone, turned to me with a puzzled look and asked, "Can you text on that?"

Dick Pirwitz
Mauston, Wis.

"Attendance is always down the Sunday after Father's Day. They all get golf balls."

We had been talking about the missionary journeys of Paul in confirmation class and one of the students asked, "Pastor, since they didn't have computers when St. Paul was alive, did he keep in touch by sending e-pistles?"

Tim Kennedy
Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

My friend's 5-year-old was teasing his grandmother about how old she was. Then he turned serious and asked, "GG, when you go up to live in the clouds, are you going to take your cellphone with you?"

Alyce Waverly
Gladstone, Ore.

"So, when Jacob tricked Esau, that was the first case of identity theft, right?"


My kindergarten through second-grade Sunday school class at All Saints Lutheran Church in Lilburn, Ga., prepared a seder meal to learn about the Last Supper. We discussed the symbolism of the items, and I asked what Jesus said as he lifted the cup. I expected to hear: "This is my blood, shed for you." Instead, Joseph replied: "Cheers!"

Donis Leach
Stone Mountain, Calif.

My grandson, age 4, had been showing a lot of interest in the communion elements. I explained that the bread and wine were Jesus' body and blood. "Well," he said. "Sometimes after I go to bed, Mommy has a big glass of Jesus' blood."


Margaret Butts
Newville, Pa.


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