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Compassionate kids

Youth confront hunger, poverty and disease

It's a world where a lot of people deal with poverty, hunger and disease on a daily basis. Thankfully, ELCA youth know how to show compassion and care.

Youth at St. John Lutheran Church, Marion, Wis., put their hearts into an effort for Haiti. The people of Haiti are suffering from the aftereffects of the 2010 earthquake, including cholera. Thousands have died from this waterborne disease.

In a sermon, Gisele Berninghaus, pastor of St. John, talked about how the people of Haiti are struggling and how ELCA Disaster Response is providing aid. Some of St. John's children took it upon themselves to start a fundraiser called "Hearts for Haiti" to support the ELCA's efforts. The students make paper hearts, which they give to people who contribute $1 to their cause. So far, these kids have raised more than $75 for Haiti relief.

Youth at St. John Lutheran Church,
Youth at St. John Lutheran Church, Marion, Wis., raise money to help Haitians recovering from hurricanes by making and selling paper hearts.

Disease due to a lack of clean water is a problem for many in the world. To help, Sunday school kids at St. Mark Lutheran Church, Valley, Neb., collected 300,000 pennies over a four-month period as part of "Pennies to SWIM."

SWIM — Safe Water International Ministries — distributes technology to areas in need. St. Mark's money will help SWIM provide a water purification system that can meet the needs of a village of 1,000 people.

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