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That new logo

Some found it 'bold,' others 'empty'

The Lutheran's new logo is so featureless that we might have missed it entirely if you hadn't hyped it on pages 5 and 58. Bold, welcoming and contemporary? We think it's anemic, transparent and commercial. The former logo looks truly Lutheran: "Here I stand." The new one waffles toward the millenium.

Ron & Kathryn Christenson
St. Peter, Minn.

The new logo doesn't do anything for me. It's a bit bland, and the large white letters, thinly outlined, look "empty" to me. Is this the identity of the magazine and the church — one of hollowness, nothing substantial?

Daniel Munson
New Windsor, N.Y. (via Internet)

Congratulations! The redesigned logo is a delightful change and should be well received by all the readers.

Everett Weissbrodt
Venice, Fla

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