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Germans leave church in droves

The number of Germans leaving the Roman Catholic Church rose in 2010 as the church wrestled with reports of sexual abuse of minors and attempted cover-ups.

About 180,000 Catholics officially ended their church affiliation in 2010, a rise of 50,000 (or 40 percent) from 2009, according to the weekly Die Zeit newspaper.

The defections also have monetary implications: people who formally leave a church in Germany are no longer required to pay a church tax.

If validated, it would represent the first time since World War II that more Roman Catholics than Protestants left their church in a single year.


Karen  Vigues

Karen Vigues

Posted at 10:09 am (U.S. Eastern) 6/14/2011

The scandal in the Catholic Church had to do with the bad actions of a few individuals.  The reason people are leaving the ELCA "in droves" is because of doctrine, policy -- especially after the '09 Assembly.

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