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Accuracy questioned

In an April show, 60 Minutes questioned the validity of Greg Mortenson's best-selling Three Cups of Tea.

Mortenson, a member of Christ the King Lutheran Church, Bozeman, Mont., established the Central Asia Institute to build schools, particularly for girls, in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The book recounts his visit to Korphe, Pakistan, after an unsuccessful attempt to climb K2 and his vow to return to build a school. But the 60 Minutes investigation questioned the veracity of the book's central anecdote and found his charity taking credit for building schools that don't exist.

In an April 15 statement on the institute's website, Mortenson said: "I stand by the information conveyed in my book, and by the value of CAI's work in empowering local communities to build and operate schools that have educated more than 60,000 students."


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