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Sexuality message to be ready soon

By November a message on human sexuality should be ready for ELCA Church Council action. The council last fall asked the ELCA Division for Church in Society to develop a message on those areas where there appears to be consensus in the church.

The message will be written by Karen L. Bloomquist, ELCA director for studies, with the help of a 10-member advisory committee and a consultant--Roland Martinson, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn.

"It is clear that our purpose is not to develop a new social statement," Bloomquist said. "It is a kind of self-assessment." The document needs to "speak to an anxiety in our church in the face of our not having adopted a social statement" and needs to recognize " the number of things we can say with a significant amount of agreement," she added.

Two drafts of a possible social statement previously met with great interest and largely negative response, but portions of the drafts were praised for clearly stating the church's opposition to abuses of human sexuality.

The advisory committee consists primarily of people who served on a consulting panel the council assembled earlier to develop a possible social statement.


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