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Reality best way to serve church

Each month The Lutheran attempts to bring news, features and views that inform, uplift and occasionally entertain its readers. Editors haven't found the formula that hits it dead-solid perfect every time, but we keep swinging.

That's why a letter like that of Charles M. Horn ("Good, bad news needed for reality check") lifts our spirits. Our charge can be found in the magazine's mission statement published each month. Driving those five statements is the imperative to keep ELCA members up to date on what is happening, not only in our denomination but also in the world in which we live.

So we publish articles such as this month's cover story, "10 trends to watch" in American religious, social and cultural life. Frankly, some are unnerving. But as writer Kathryn Sime reports, "To be clear, not all these trends are negative. Many present significant opportunities for ministry. Regardless, the message is clear: the world is changing; we need to take note and keep up."

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