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Lessons from the storm

As I listened to weather sirens cleaving the air very early one recent morning (and crouched in my tub for safety), some things suddenly became much clearer to me:

1. People in a number of neighboring states have lost everything they own, but they are glad just to be alive. Things are not as important as people.

2. I don't want to spend too much of my time just looking after my "stuff." It could all be destroyed in a few minutes.

3. I want to spend more of my time sharing the love of Jesus by befriending my neighbors, friends and family. In the long run, that's what matters. They are what matters.

4. I need to go walking around the neighborhood at least once each day to get acquainted with people.

5. As I get to know them, I need to pray for my neighbors and their concerns and help them in whatever way I can. This is so important. After all, this is a joint venture — the Lord works with me in all of this. In fact, the whole thing is God's idea, not mine.

6. I can also reach out by phone, email and other means with concern for those beyond my neighborhood, checking to see how things are going with them.

7. I can give thanks that Jesus has come into my life, and that no matter how fiercely storms rage around me, Jesus will be with me and keep me busy caring about my neighbors and friends and family. Thank you, God. 


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