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Holy ground

Wrigley Field is situated on site of former seminary

Eliza Hall on the campus of Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary

It's holy ground for many Chicago Cubs baseball fans, but did you know that before Wrigley Field was built at the intersection of Clark and Addison, this was the home of Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary?

The above postcard shows Eliza Hall, the former seminary's student building, and professors' residences.

Built in 1891, the seminary was a predecessor of today's Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. In 1910, the seminary sold the property and relocated to Maywood, Ill., a Chicago suburb. The seminary moved back to the city's Hyde Park neighborhood in 1967.

According to one legend, the pitcher's mound is located on the site of the former seminary pulpit. 


Robert Buntrock

Robert Buntrock

Posted at 4:11 pm (U.S. Eastern) 4/30/2011

Terrific!  I had no idea.  I love the legend about the pitchers mound, hope it's true.  I was an active Cibs fan for the 3 decades I lived in the Chicago area.  I can assure you that many fans still consider Wrigley Field to be at least somewhat "holy".  Great place to watch a ball game.

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