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Input on genetics statement considered

I became invested in the ELCA proposed social statement on genetics last summer when it was in draft form. I responded by listing seven items I appreciated and two items I thought needed work. I concluded by telling the ELCA it also needed to work on the way social statements are drafted because the current process causes too much stress at the congregational level.

I read my response at a hearing on the draft statement held in Adams, N.D., in August. I had no idea how seriously my points had been taken until I read the final version released Feb. 25. "Genetics, Faith and Responsibility" is fair to all aspects of agriculture. It is an excellent starting point for a bridge between urban and rural, one that could help explain how genetic technology fits into agriculture today.

As a farmer, one of the proposed statement's most powerful messages is the concept of humans as innovative stewards. We are supposed to be stewards of the creation — which to a farmer means feeding a hungry world while preserving the land and environment for the future.

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