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We are all one under Christ

Article on evangelicals hit home with missionary; others assess content

When I served as a missionary to Nepal, it was like a breath of fresh air to know we were all brothers and sisters in Christ (April, "Who are the evangelicals"). I preached in Roman Catholic and Pentecostal churches and everywhere in between and was accepted with enthusiasm. The Presbyterian seminary where I taught had, in addition to me, pastors who were Baptist, Pentecostal and two Roman Catholic priests. We were all just one in the Lord. When I had my experience with the Lord and when I had my charismatic "add on," it filled me with such love for all my fellow Christians of whatever stripe and for all those who needed the message of salvation that I was convinced it was of the Lord. Thanks for that article.

The Rev. Robert S. Ove
Rio Rancho, N.M.

Legalized individualism

I want to take issue — gently and thankfully — with Lindsay Mack's thought that privilege isn't necessarily a bad thing (April, "Blessings or privileges"). Its etymology? — from Latinate cognates meaning "private law" — seems to suggest that those who are privileged are somehow above or beyond what the rest of us face, accountable to laws that apply only to us. Wouldn't that tend to make privilege always a bad thing, tantamount to legalized individualism? My appreciation to The Lutheran for Lindsay's quiet reminders of God's goodness, whatever they are called.

Bob Sitze
Wheaton, Ill.

Sadness to joy

After reading in the March edition ("For the record: Congregations leaving the ELCA") the number of Lutheran churches voting to leave the ELCA over inclusion of gay and lesbian pastors, I was sad and disappointed. There have certainly been gay people since before the time of Christ, even within Christianity, and the world has survived just fine. Where is the simplicity of Christ's message to love one another? Then I read in the April edition ("ELCA camp experiences support gay youth") the story of the three camps that welcome diversity with love. I am filled with hope and joy for the possibilities of turning from judgment to respect, of recognizing the true tenants of what Christ tried to tell us.

Bonnie Malone
Sisters, Ore.

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