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Dear Current Resident

Synod mailing causes concern

The first time I received an envelope addressed this way, I thought it was a computer glitch. When I received another mailing from our synod office addressed to me "or Current Resident," I wondered if the bishop or synod staff knew something I didn't.

Paul Bartlett
Macungie, Pa.

Two years after dedicating her talents
Two years after dedicating her talents to God, ex-diva Sybil Mears still struggles with her new commitment.

Jesus loves who?

When our granddaughter, Rosalyn, was 2, I sang the song "Jesus Loves Me" to her. Later that afternoon when Grandpa came home from church, I whispered to her, "Tell Grandpa what you learned today." With great excitement she announced, "Grandpa! Grandpa! Jesus loves Grandma!"

Mary Luisi
Watertown, N.Y.

A weary 'spring ahead'

I couldn't help but smile when I discovered that my pastor (also my husband) had one year chosen "Jesus, Refuge of the Weary" as the opening hymn after we had lost an hour of sleep to "springing ahead" for daylight savings time.

Susan Ruth
Livingston, Calif.

Good Friday talker

When my godson was 2, he attended our solemn Good Friday service, seated with his family while I served as assistant minister, a role with considerable speaking parts. He was tucked into his car seat when I whispered to him, "You were a very good boy tonight. You were quiet and didn't talk at all," to which he replied, "I know. But you sure talked a lot!"

Gretchen Marz
Port Orange, Fla.

The new pastor is totally unaware that
The new pastor is totally unaware that he's the victim of the old "let's all switch name-tags" gag.

And patient listener

Our then 5-year-old grandson, Joshua, was visiting us with his parents. He was a patient listener to our lengthy, adult conversation, but he eventually reached his limit and said, "Excuse me. I have stories to tell too." I stopped my recitation, turned to him and said, "Joshua, I'd really like to hear some of your stories. Can you tell me what they are?" He became quiet and in a soft voice said, "Well, now I forgot them."

Howard N. Larsen
LaCrescent, Minn.


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