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Walking Home: From Eden to Emmaus

Margaret Guenther begins Walking Home: From Eden to Emmaus on walkers in the Bible with the story of Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden and ends with Jesus' encounter with the men on the road to Emmaus.

"We are always on the way," she notes. "The point of all our walking (tedious or joyous, rambling or purposeful) is going home."

Book cover: Walking HomeOther walkers covered here include Hagar, Abraham and Isaac, Moses, Mary and Joseph, Jesus and Mount Tabor, the prodigal son, Jesus on the way to Jerusalem, and Jesus on the walk to Golgotha.

Guenther ponders the delicate art of looking back, the patience and courage needed for the long journey out of exile, the difficulty of the trip through unknown territory, the value of accepting the hospitality of others along the way, the wise use of detours, and the pleasures of walking with friends.

It is gratifying to see how this biblical theme can be worked out in so many meaningful ways. Walking is not only good exercise but is a spiritual practice for many people that can yield great benefits (Morehouse).


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