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Sheep and Goats Sunday

Ohio congregation fights hunger and poverty

Tom Henderson, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Berea, Ohio, still recalls his sermon on Christ the King Sunday in 2004 on the parable of the last judgment (Matthew 25).

He told the congregation that every time he hears the story about the sheep and goats he feels guilty, but he goes home to watch the Browns football game and forgets about it. Unable to fathom how he could make a difference alone, he asked the congregation to work with him.

"Each month I figure I have at least $50 that I have no idea where it goes," he said. He challenged members to come up with a similar "God only knows where it goes" amount.

designpicsEach month, the congregation now holds a Sheep and Goats Sunday.

Since 2005, St. Paul has sent more than $119,138 (beyond budgeted benevolence) to one international and one local ministry described in Matthew 25: hungry, naked, thirsty, stranger, sick, prisoner.

When possible, someone from the ministry gives a sermon or temple talk, which Henderson said "has led individuals to give their time and talent, in addition to their treasure."




Posted at 10:15 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/10/2011

and when we pray, '...and help us to remember that what we did to one of the least of these who are members of his family, we did it to Jesus. In His name we pray' Amen

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