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Location results in July Fourth evangelism

Pennsylvania congregation welcomes fireworks spectators

St. Mark Lutheran Church, Williamsport, Pa., has practiced parking lot hospitality for 13 years. When they noticed people parking in their lot and walking past their church to attend the local Fourth of July fireworks, they decided to offer them snacks for the celebration.

The congregation began by setting out popcorn and sodas. Today they also offer baked goods, bottled water and hotdogs (400 served last year). Each item includes a label that says: "This is a gift from St. Mark," along with worship times and its website address.

Folks attending the July Fourth fireworks
Folks attending the July Fourth fireworks in Williamsport, Pa., don't only find free parking in St. Mark Lutheran's lot, they're treated to popcorn and other snacks and trinkets, all compliments of the congregation's members.

Near the snacks, members set out additional gifts: coloring-page packets for children, old Sunday school material and donated books. It's all free, but a donation box stands nearby (the money supports St. Anthony's Center, a soup kitchen).

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