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Pentecost promises

Let's not overlook this church holiday

Have you decided what you're going to wear for Pentecost? Made your guest list and created the menu? Have you decorated the house for Pentecost? Bought the Pentecost presents?

Pentecost is the church holiday that gets short shrift. It should be one of the three high, holiest days, but it's nowhere near as popular as Easter, a holiday which in turn is nowhere near as popular as Christmas. Why has Pentecost been overlooked?

designpicsMaybe it's the wind. Many of us grew up in tornado or hurricane country, and the sound of a great, rushing wind isn't one we find appealing. Or maybe it's the tongues of fire. Most of us find fire threatening too.

Maybe it's the plotline of the story: those early believers, filled with a force they didn't understand, speaking languages they couldn't know. Those of us who are control freaks by nature likely feel deeply uncomfortable at the prospect.

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