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Philanthropy alone can't end hunger

Readers disagree over value of magazine's content

In "A better way" (March 2011, "Letters: Faltering denominations no big deal"), the writer says Christians should "help the poor" but contends philanthropic groups are better at it than a government, which is "sinful" with waste. If, indeed, voluntary giving were all we needed to cure world hunger, the problem would be solved—but it isn't. A government can make the world a better place to live through development programs and working with charitable organizations to cure world hunger. We can do better than the "Peter Pan" philosophy that amounts to "I've got mine — you'll get yours if I feel like it."

George DeMarse
Alexandria, Va.

Never too late

Thank you for "'It is never too late' to volunteer" (March 2011). There is a cultural trend to treat older people as obsolete that sometimes, unfortunately, is reflected by the church. In so doing, however, one can miss out on some of God's most uniquely precious gifts.

Gloria Evenson

A 'must read'

Peter W. Marty's column "Digesting Scripture" (February 2011) hopefully will become a "must read" for Lutherans everywhere. There was food for thought in almost every sentence. If we diligently followed his suggestions, there would be so much more compassion, love and searching for understanding rather than arrogance, controversy and contention.

Barb Foster
Portland, Ore.

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