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Easter hopping

Readings and hymns are source of humor

When my son, John, was 4 years old, we attended an Easter service at a Baptist church near our lake cabin. One of the hymns was "He Lives" with the peppy line "up from the grave he arose ...." On the way home John said, "Dad, I really liked that one song." "Which one?" I asked. "You know," he said, "that one where he hopped out of the grave."

Roger Lindelof
Glenwood City, Wis.

"I need a bigger Easter basket. I outgrew my old one."

Cool blessing reception

One Easter Sunday when our pastor asked the children to come to the altar for a blessing, he said to my daughter, 4, "What a pretty dress." She looked at him and said, "I don't talk to strangers."

Heidi Brig
Vernon, N.D.

Pilate mix-ups

In preparation for a trip to Washington, D.C., my husband showed our sons, then 8 and 5, some historical sites they would see. When he came to a photo of the Wright Brothers' plane on display at the Smithsonian, he asked the boys if they remembered who took the first flight in 1903. My youngest, Ben, asked, "Was it Pontius Pilate?"

Melissa Devolve
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Years ago my stepson (a pastor's kid), then 9, proudly said he knew the liturgy, even his dad's parts. He would quietly sing or recite everything during worship. One Sunday I realized he might not have it all right. During the Apostles' Creed, I heard him say Jesus "suffered under conscious Pilate."

Theresa Kappus
Spokane, Wash.

While quizzing one another with Trivial Pursuit cards, my wife asked, "What was the name of the Roman governor who tried Jesus?" Our daughter Devra said, "Oh, oh, that airplane dude!" She finally came up with the word "pilot" but then added, "Wasn't it Pompous Pilot?"

Keith E. Gatling
Syracuse, N.Y.

"Yes, we've been looking for an associate pastor, but with your credentials and a name like Evan Gelical our search is over."

Tough winter

After four straight weekends where snow and ice jeopardized our Sunday worship at St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Columbia Heights, Minn., the council decided on a system for making decisions about whether or not to have services due to inclement weather. The secretary wrote in her minutes: "A task force has been formed to look into canceling of church services."

Tom Stutelberg
Columbia Heights, Minn.

King him

Sydney Mahaney, 4, told the pastor, Monty Kaufman: "We don't have school on Monday. It is King Luther Day!"

Ginny Gnepperan
Martin, Ohio


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