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Baby Boomers and Beyond: Tapping the Ministry Talents and Passions of Adults over 50

In Baby Boomers and Beyond, Amy Hanson looks at the church and the generation that is marching into their later years at an unprecedented rate (one American turns 60 every seven seconds).

Hanson urges church leaders to engage older adults by offering them resources for their faith journey. Because of the diversity of baby boomers, it won't be possible to offer one-size-fits-all programs or retreads of past efforts.

Baby Boomers and BeyondEquipping older saints will take wise leaders and a committed cadre of educators who appreciate both being and doing, contemplation and action.

The biggest challenges are to help older adults tell their stories (life review), share their wisdom and dialogue with the younger generations. Other programs can be organized around grandparenting, retirement, money, time, living arrangements, and confronting illness and death.

Baby Boomers and Beyond is a wake-up call for Christian communities to minister to the new old and other elders (Jossey-Bass).


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