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Making Lent count

Congregation helps families renew spiritual disciplines

There's no doubt: at First Lutheran Church, Cresco, Iowa, kids know Lent is important.

"One of the most important missions a church can have is teaching the next generation," said Lisa Kammerer, an associate in ministry at First. "We try to use every opportunity to tell the glorious deeds of the Lord. Equipping families to share the faith is very important. Lent can be a great time to renew or start a new spiritual discipline."

To help, First uses several activities to teach families about Lent.

Youth learn how to make pretzels during
Youth learn how to make pretzels during the Lenten Fair at First Lutheran Church, Cresco, Iowa. Held on a Sunday early in Lent, the event can renew or start a spiritual discipline for families.

During Sunday school, First's students learn about Holy Week using the rotation method. Each week classes take turns attending themed classrooms. Teachers give the same lesson for the four weeks as students rotate through their rooms.

Last year children learned about Palm Sunday through drama and music. The Maundy Thursday segment had a mission emphasis on feet washing and the disciples. The Last Supper class featured cooking, and Good Friday included an art project.

First also hosts a Lenten Fair where families learn while baking hot-cross buns or pretzels, playing guessing games, listening to stories, making crosses and creating resurrection eggs.

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