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A Pentecost parade

'It's about movement into the world. It's about life.'

Pentecost isn't only a time to dig out your favorite red, orange, yellow (anything fiery!) shirt. Congregations can do even more, said Scott Weidler, ELCA associate director for music and worship.

Celebrate the culmination of 50 festive days of Easter with a parade or picnic, for instance. "The spirit blows us up out of the church and into the world," said Weidler, whose congregation did exactly that last Pentecost Sunday.

Immanuel Lutheran Church
in north Chicago, where Weidler also serves as music director, held a prayer walk in its Edgewater neighborhood: "Prayers in the heart of the neighborhood for the heart of the neighborhood."

Nick Holmberg (left) holds the worship
Nick Holmberg (left) holds the worship book for Monte Johnson, pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Chicago, during a neighborhood prayer walk last Pentecost.

The parade was a response to community concerns and fears, explained Immanuel's pastor, Monte Johnson, who said the congregation and those who joined the parade wanted to send the message that "these are our streets and we can make them stronger and better. ... It was important to us not to signal what we were against — namely community violence — but what we were for: strengthening bonds between friends and neighbors."

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