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Youth strike a pose

Try these 'models' in your Sunday school classes

Some Sunday school youth can be real dolls. In fact, they can be models for the community.

That was the case at Sharon Lutheran Church, Bessemer, Mich., where fourth-graders posed as live mannequins. The youth modeled clothing and other items in downtown store windows.

Their modeling fee was collected through pledges and donations from passers-by. The money was given to a county agency that provides parenting classes and baby showers for needy families. Tables out side the stores displayed information about the classes and on preventing child abuse.

This is just one "model" of a project your Sunday school or youth group could try. As you plan for Sunday school this fall, consider:

Putting it in the bag: Children at Framingham [Mass.] Lutheran Church arrive for Sunday school carrying personalized tote bags. Women from the church make the bags, which contain pencils, scissors, crayons and paper. The bag s remind the youth to bring their class books each Sunday.

Welcoming everyone: People from babies to grandparents were invited to "Everybody Sunday School" at Walhalla [N.D.] Lutheran Church.

Participants watched actors perform the "Workers' Parable," based on Matthew 20:1-16. Then they went to assigned tables to trace, sign and cut out paper hands. These hands were glued to a large puzzle piece along with pictures of how hands can work for Jesus.

The 10 pieces were put together to form an 8-by-16-foot puzzle, which was hung in the sanctuary.

Raking it in: Senior high youth from Immanuel Lutheran Church, Glenvil, Neb., spent an afternoon raking leaves for the area's elderly. How did the youth celebrate their hard work? By jumping into the leaves, of course .


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