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Spring is in the air and on The Lutheran's pages, along with a provocative mix of articles for April. But first, a few words about our cover.

Over the past few years The Lutheran has opted for a cover illustration that relates to the lead or longest article of the issue, even during the months covering Easter and Christmas. This past December we did just that with a photo of a person in a car with a map and compass, along with the headline "Finding our way in discipleship." Inside, there were five Advent- and Christmas-related articles. We received a small number of complaints about not using a Christmas cover image, but those objections were intense. Because of that and the fact this month's lead article "Who are the evangelicals?" offered no compelling illustration, we opted for an Easter cover. Tell us what you think (lutheran.editor@thelutheran.org). And don't miss Kelly Fryer's Easter reflection "Christ at the crossroads."

The choice of cover art in no way diminishes the significance of the lead article on American evangelicals. Donald McCoid, assistant to the presiding bishop for ecumenical and inter-religious affairs, walks us through our relationships with Billy Graham-style Christians, plus fundamentalists, Pentecostals and others who comprise the ranks of American evangelicals. If nothing else, be sure to read his response as a Lutheran to the questions of "When were you saved?" and "When did you accept Jesus as lord and savior?" ("Who are the evangelicals").

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