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Bible quotes, columnist draw cheers

Passages show scope of faith while Marty gets it right about worship

The January issue is one of your best ever. I read it cover to cover with renewed enthusiasm for our life as ELCA Christians. But I have to single out "One for you, one for me" (January 2011) as one of the best articles I've ever read. I got out my Bible and read every passage and then the comments by the person submitting the passage. I was amazed at the great mosaic that is the ELCA, and even more so the Lutheran World Federation and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, that serve to remind us just how wide is the scope of our Lutheran faith.

Charles F. Freitag
Broomfield, Colo.

Column got it right

I want to commend as strongly as I'm able the column on worship by Peter Marty in the January issue ("Praise in an awe-deficient world"). I've always felt that to walk into the holy space of a religious sanctuary is to acknowledge two realities: First, that there is a center and, secondly, that center is not me. That distinction makes all the difference in the world come Monday morning. What a gift Marty is to the ELCA.

The Rev. James T. Heinemeier
Rockville, Md.

Share it with others

Since not all ELCA congregations have every-home subscriptions to The Lutheran, I encourage every reader to make photocopies of Marty's piece to use at adult education forums, leave on the table in the narthex, or share with folks in the neighborhood. It's a wonderful summary of what worship is all about for Lutheran Christians in this "awe-deficient world."

The Rev. George E. Keck
Harleysville, Pa.

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