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Mid-August Lunch

Available in DVD, Mid-August Lunch is a wonderful Italian film is directed by Gianni Di Gregorio about Gianni, a 60-year-old who lives with his 93-year-old widowed mother in central Rome.

Mid-August LunchIn the opening scene, he is reading to her and they are wrapped in a cocoon of mutual pleasure and ease with one another. Gianni cooks, cleans, shops and takes care of her medicine. Being a caregiver is almost a full-time job for him.

But soon, in circumstances beyond his control, he finds himself also looking after three other elderly women who have their own idiosyncrasies and foibles. He manages to win their approval with his top-drawer cooking.

Mid-August Lunch is a delightful character-driven drama that provides a balanced and inspiring look at a nurturing male and the kindnesses he lavishes upon his mother and elderly guests.

Gianni is no saint: his alcoholism is revealed and he has trouble handling family financial affairs. The director plays the lead role and draws out nicely delivered performances from the women, all of whom are nonprofessional actresses (Zeitgeist Films, not rated).


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